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Go Stop Go reviews

"It’s an excellent album and a very big step forward for Gareth. I enjoyed every minute.

Gareth and Gethin both are authoritative and fervent in their approach to this music and in front of the band. Paul Jones is innovative and vibrant at the piano and I was particularly taken by his solo work on track 5, Chwilio. The O’Connors are superb, as ever, their long-standing relationship with Paul creating an indispensably invasive piano/rhythm section."
Ken Cheetham
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"Especially influenced by Charles Mingus and the Blue Note albums of the 60s. Cock-a-hoop enthusiasm and profound eloquence are alternated in technically grounded, yet absolutely unsophisticated and unpretentious fashion. Singling out the musicians and what they do throughout the album is practically useless. The playing is brilliant, be it enthusiastic or meditative." Massimo Ricci -
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"This is a band that doesn’t take itself too seriously and knows how to have musical fun. Their joie de vivre is immediately apparent in their live shows but behind the humour there is some fine musicianship. The group’s recent album launch gig at Cardiff’s Café Jazz included some blistering solos, technically dazzling but delivered with a ready smile. Roberts is an inventive and agile trombonist who structures his solos well, deploying the full range of what is sometimes regarded as a lugubrious instrument with a fleet footed grace and acumen. I just love his playing.

Both live and on record the Gareth Roberts Quintet’s rousing, sometimes humorous and proudly Welsh take on the jazz tradition is highly recommended. “Go Stop Go” is a worthy addition to the Roberts canon." (****) Ian Mann -
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"Gareth's own playing is ebullient and full-bodied on the up-tempo numbers, richly sonorous on the album's quieter selections. The Album as a whole is refreshingly unpretentious, unashamedly entertaining and infectiously enthusiastic. A worthy follow-up to their much-acclaimed debut "The Attack of the Killer Penguins" Chris Parker -
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"Trombonist with infectious, dancey phrasing leads a Welsh hard bop-ish group featuring trumpeter Gethin Liddington, fine pianist Paul Jones and the crisp Bass/ Drum combo of the O'Connor brothers." (***)
Selwyn Harris - Jazzwise Magazine

"A high-energy affair alternating flash and filigree" Peter Vacher - Jazz UK

"This is well written, arranged and executed bop. Just modern enough to be edgy, but not so modern as to need a degree in Jazz studies to listen to it. Each track shows virtuosic playing, whilst also leaving space for improvised counterpoint and mellow moments. With highs and lows of mood and an edge of humour on occasion, this album is a thoroughly enjoyable listen" Cinzia Yates - The Miniature Music Press

The Attack of the Killer Penguins reviews

"When one listens to a new release three times in about ten hours - which I did here - it usually means we're in presence of something truly special. I can only be thankful that young players like these ones still exist, people capable of writing music that's at one and the same time respectful of the tradition, accessible and gifted with virtuosity, music that will have you feeling much better after you've finished listening to it." Massimo Ricci -
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"This is a very impressive debut recording. Roberts’ writing is imaginative and intelligent but he never takes himself too seriously. As a result there is hardly a dull moment on the album and the band’s real sense of enjoyment communicates itself to the listener. Even the cover makes you laugh" Ian Mann -
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"Gareth Roberts’ writing, and the band’s playing are tremendous fun. Play most of this album loud and torture yourself by trying not to move a muscle. It’s impossible! Your eyelid will start twitching, your leg will kick – and you’re away…" Malcolm Lewis – Planet Magazine
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“A startlingly good debut album” Martin Longley, reviewer for BBC music magazine

"A buoyantly groove-centred recording (***) " Jazzwise Magazine

"A treat, Thoroughly Recommended" The Trombonist magazine

"Original, unique, exciting but very listenable jazz" Brian Petty, Lichfield Jazz Festival Programme 2007

Live reviews

"Roberts may like to inject a sense of humour into his music but this is positively refreshing and the quintet have built a considerable reputation for their excellent live work...... Now I’ll admit that I’ve never been a big fan of the trombone but I love Roberts’ playing. Nimble and inventive he seems to bring out the best in the instrument, from gutbucket slides and rasps on the up tempo material to a surprising tenderness on ballads." Ian Mann -
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"Gareth Roberts' lusty quintet got the first weekend of the London Jazz Festival off to a flying start with a Mingus- like ferocity and even a nod to Clark Terry and Bob Brookmeyer " Jazz UK Magazine

"Gareth plays trombone with a strong sense of the trombone to move effortlessly from the past to present, and definitely one to watch for the future" Dennis Rollins - Winner of the BBC award for best jazz band 2006

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